Glen Crawford – Lander University

A colleague of mine told me to give these guys a look, and I'm glad I did. As a coach, we are constantly bombarded with solicitations from vendors. Choosing who to get equipment from is your choice, but finding someone to help pay for it is now a no brainer. The guys at OnlineDonations delivered exactly what they promised, and provided us with a way to get everyone onboard. After years of a traditional donation letter, we decided to think outside the box, and go the online route.

From the initial phone call from their staff, until the day our check arrived, I was always kept in the loop. I think they really understand that although fundraising is extremely important to any group's success, it's not always on the first thing on my mind when I wake up. I could check our groups progress when I wanted to, and they had my back when I forget to...Four weeks, no chasing money and it plays into the strengths of my team. In the era of social media and online crowdfunding, there is simply no easier way to raise money.



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