Toss out the Letter...





It's no secret that donation request letters have been a staple for many teams and organizations trying to raise money. And the #1 reason - well if done right, they are extremely effective. Fast forward a few decades and the effectiveness is still there, however, the delivery has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of the traditional snail mail and chasing money. Today, technology offers us a faster, more effective alternative, and we have the answer...

...after a brief call, we can design, build and kickoff your campaign immediately. participants join by email invitation, and deliver their own personal fundraising message to their close friends and family. It's really all about "how you ask"

2015 Best Practices

  • Harness the power of the Internet to reach your circle of supporters

  • Spread the word through Social Media

  • Online donations are fast, effective and safe

  • Never chase another dollar

  • Complete tracking, visibility and transparency

  • A great fit for the device and mobile phone world

Donation Letter Circa 1985

  • Locate physical addresses for each donor

  • Buy stamps, envelopes and stationary 

  • Address, lick and send

  • Wait patiently for a response

  • Chase money and outstanding checks

  • Keep track of all donations by hand