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As a college coach fundraising can be very frustrating at times. We have tried many creative ways to help increase or fundraising efforts, but it has always been difficult. Online Donations has been the most convenient and effortless fundraising campaign we’ve ever done. Also, we have received more donations using this system than any other program. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to fundraise.
Coach Maurice Smith - Ga. College | Milledgeville Ga.

This was our first experience with an "Online" fundraiser. I must say that as a busy parent of a high school athlete, my experience could not have been more pleasurable. We were asked to participate, and were able to raise hundreds of dollars for our son in a matter of weeks. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to raise money. Thanks,

Amy I. - Gainesville Ga

Over the years we've bought everything our grandson has sold, from Doughnuts to Chicken - to the annual car wash. Have you ever had your car washed by a bunch of High School ball players - not good... This was quite a change. Although we don't do anything online, we were helped by phone and were able to send a check by mail. Great idea, just ask!

Ron D. - Simi Valley Ca.

Being a parent volunteer presents its own challenges. Ultimately, it's about 20% of the parents, contributing 80% of the work. This system allows our busy and sometimes less involved parents, the opportunity to help with very little effort. Everyone knows someone willing to help out for a good cause, and this is a great way to find the help! And guess what, they will actually answer the phone when you need assistance. What a welcomed change!

Jane B. Charlotte, NC.